Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres Restaurant Menu

The restaurant menu gives pride of place to Creuse specialties through tasty and tasty dishes, served in generous portions in joy and good humor.

Chalet Menu € 25


Hot goat cheese pastilla, honey and almonds
Grilled chicken salad, parmesan, Caesar sauce
Limousin beef carpaccio (supplement € 2)
Homemade Foie Gras (supplement €2)

planche de charcuterie 2021 - le chalet des pierres jaumatres - restaurant dans la Creuse


Beef faux-filet or butcher’s specialty depending on availability
(with pepper sauce or Roquefort supplement € 2)
Fondu Creusois & charcuterie
Grilled chicken fillet


Homemade Profiteroles
Homemade Chocolate Mousse
Homemade crème brûlée
Homemade tiramisu, red fruits and speculoos
Cup of strawberries or cherries or blueberries (depending on season)
Two scoops of ice cream

All prices of the restaurant menu are indicated in TTC, service included

Child Menu – 10 years old
€ 8.50

Ham or chicken breast

with melted Creusois sauce, homemade fries

Homemade fries

One scoop of ice cream for desert

Perfume of your choice

À la Carte at the Chalet


Softs Drinks

Homemade Cocktail

€ 4.90

Pineapple, mango, guava, dash of grenadine

Coca-cola, Coca Light, Coca Zéro, Perrier (33 cl)

€ 3.00


€ 2.50

Orangina, Vittel, Schweppes tonic, Schweppes agrumes, Fustea & Oasis (25 cl)

€ 2.90

Fruits Juice (25cl)

€ 2.90

Orange, apricot, apple, pineapple, …


€ 1.80

Mint, grenadine, strawberry, lemon, peach, cherry…

Still or sparking water (1 L)

€ 4.50

Alcoholic Drinks

Homemade Cocktail

€ 6.90

Pinacolada : White and amber rum, pineapple and coconut juice, cane sugar, vanilla
Mojito : White rum, fresh mint, lime, cane sugar, sparkling water
Blue lagon : Vodka, curaçao, lemon syrup, lemonade on crushed ice
Planteur : Rum, cane sugar, vanilla, pineapple juice, mango juice, guava juice
Tatin : Vodka, apple juice, caramel syrup, cinnamon
Gin Tonic : Gin, tonic, lemon slices
Americano : Red / white / extra dry Martinis & Campari
Spritz : Martini Fiero, Prosecco, dash of sparkling water and a half slice of orange
Spritz St-Germain : St-Germain elderberry liqueur, Prosecco, squeeze of sparkling water and lemon zest

Glass of Champagne or Kir Royal

€ 7.50

Superior wine by glass

€ 3.50

White wine by the glass (sweet)

€ 4.00

Pastis, Ricard (2 cl)

€ 3.00

Muscat, Banyuls, Porto, Suze, Kir (8 cl), Martini (5 cl)

€ 3.50

Superior Banyuls amber Claire Mayol


Tomatillo, Baja Crema, Cabbage, Fried Okra

Cognac, Armagnac, Poire William, Calvados (4 cl)

€ 5.00

Limoncello, Manzana, Mint (4 cl)

€ 4.50

Whisky, Vodka, Rhum, Tequila, Gin, Baileys, Malibu (4 cl)

€ 4.50

Superior Whisky, Rhum, Cognac (4 cl)

See our cellars’ menu


Regional craft beers

Limousin Beers

€ 5.50

Limouss’in (Corrèze), blonde, white, dark, amber with blueberries
Lemovice (Pays de Limoges, Haute-Vienne), blonde, white, Pils, Imperial Spring Ale
Ô’Lim (Haute-Vienne), blonde, dark.

Cereal beers from Auvergne (33cl)

€ 5.00

Fée de l’effet :  blonde beer with Auvergne honey
La planèze : lager with planèze lentils
Bière des druides :  white beer with verbena
Cloche Rouge : red beer with elderberry juice
Antidote : amber beer with chestnut and gentian
Noix de Dordogne : amber beer with Dordogne nuts
Tête noire :  copper beer with porcini mushrooms 
Bière de lave : high fermentation, trappist style
Lulu la sucrée : white beer with raspberry flavours
Flagrant désir : white beer with wild blueberry juice (€ 5.50)

Auvergne beer (33cl)

€ 5.00

La basaltique : Organic beer brewed at altitude with water from the Auvergne volcanoes
Blonde, white, or amber  (33 cl)

Bière montluçonnaise (33cl)

€ 5.00

La Lubie : organic high fermentation beer, blonde or India Pale Ale
Blonde, white, amber or triple

Belgian beers 33 cl


€ 5.00

Trappist, abbey

Queue de Charrue ambrée

€ 4.50

Kasteel Rouge

€ 4.50

Blanche de Bruxelles

€ 4.50

Mc Chouffe Brune

€ 4.50


€ 5.00

Draft Beers

Gothic Lux

25 cl: € 2.80 50 cl: € 5.00

Alsatian lager draft beer

Beer of the moment

25 cl: € 3.50 50 cl: € 6.50

Picon beer

25 cl: € 3.50 50 cl: € 6.50


Homemade Foie Gras with truffles, chutney & toast

€ 13.90

Hot goat cheese pastilla, almonds, honey & green salad

€ 9.90

Grilled Chicken Salad

€ 10.90

Chicken, garlic crouton, parmesan, salad and Caesar sauce

Limousin beef carpaccio

€ 13.90

entrée foie gras et salade de poulet - restaurant le chalet des pierres jaumâtres - restaurant dans la Creuse
Two magnificent starters: chicken salad in front and foie gras in the back


Creuse specialties

Fondu Creusois

€ 11.90

Fondu Creusois and charcuterie

€ 16.90

Fondu Creusois and grilled chicken

€ 17.90

Fondu Creusois and bavette

€ 18.90

The inimitable fondu creusois

Limousin beef meats

Flank steak with shallots

€ 13.90

Faux filet with pepper sauce, or Roquefort sauce or fondu Creusois sauce

€ 19.90

Entrecote with pepper sauce, or Roquefort sauce or fondu Creusois sauce

€ 22.90

Limousin Beef Rib

€54,80 for two persons, € 27.90 per person

Limousine meat according to arrival or by reservation, for 2 people

Chef selection

Or Rouge Beef Rib from Limousin

€ 31.90 per person

Exceptional Limousine meat depending on arrivals or on reservation – for 3 people

Also on the menu

Grilled duck breast with roquefort sauce

€ 19.90

Grilled chicken fillet

€ 13.90

Grilled wild shrimps and vegetable risotto

€ 16.90

Our beautiful grilled wild prawns served with a vegetable risotto

Accompaniments of dishes: homemade fries and green salad.

All our prices are shown inclusive of VAT, service included.



Homemade chocolate mousse

€ 5.50

Homemade tiramisu Red fruits and speculoos

€ 5.50

Homemade creme brulee

€ 5.50

Cup of Strawberries r Cherry or Blueberries

€ 5.90

Depending on the season

Homemade profiteroles with vanilla ice cream

€ 6.90

Homemade gourmet coffee

€ 7.50

Homemade gourmet tea

€ 7.90

Irish Coffee

€ 7.90

Sweet Crepes


€ 2.50

Chocolate, Nutella, Jam, Caramel, Lemon (your choice)

€ 3.50

Crepe Flambée

€ 5.50

with Grand Marnier or Rum or Cointreau

Banana or Pear with chocolate & whipped cream

€ 7.50

White Lady

€ 7.50

Vanilla ice cream, melted chocolate & whipped cream

Whipped cream supplement

€ 1.00

Hot drinks

Coffee, Hazelnut, Long coffee, Decaffeinated

€ 1.50

Tea, Coffee Cream

€ 2.50

Hot chocolate

€ 3.00

Cappuccino, Viennese Coffee ,Viennese Chocolate

€ 3.50

Ice creams

2 scoops of ice cream

€ 3.90

Flavors: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, caramel, praline, pistachio, rum-raisin, mint-chocolate, lemon, blackcurrant, pear, raspberry, apricot

3 scoops of ice cream

€ 4.90

Flavors: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, coffee, caramel, praline, pistachio, rum-raisin, mint-chocolate, lemon, blackcurrant, pear, raspberry, apricot

Liège coffee or chocolate

€ 6.90

Glace café ou chocolat & vanille avec chantilly

Pear Belle Hélène

€ 7.90

Vanilla & pear ice cream with melted chocolate & whipped cream

Peach or Strawberry or Cherry or Blueberry Melba

€ 7.90

Vanilla ice cream with seasonal fruits & whipped cream

White Lady

€ 6.90

Vanilla ice cream with melted chocolate & whipped cream

Banana Split

€ 6.90

Vanilla, strawberry & chocolate ice cream with fruit banana & whipped cream


€ 7.90

Sorbet citron & Vodka

Poire William

€ 7.90

Lemon sorbet & Vodka


€ 7.90

Mint-chocolate & chocolate ice cream with Get 27 & chantillly


€ 7.90

Praline & caramel ice cream with Whiskey cream & whipped cream


€ 7.90

Rum-raisin & vanilla ice cream with rum & whipped cream

The last Saturday of the month

Seafood platter

€ 29.90 per person

On reservation

Seafood platter

All our prices are shown in VAT, service included

Local products in a short circuit

The Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres is delighted to contribute to the local economy of Creuse by cooking quality local products.

Limousin beef meat is on the menu of course! As an Or Rouge Ambassador, we also offer exceptional quality Limousin meat, rigorously selected to reward the know-how of the breeders and the quality of the terroir.

To accompany the inimitable Limousin meat, nothing like tasty homemade fries made from delicious potatoes from the Ferme d’Ecorche-Bœuf, arrived at the Chalet directly from the producer.

These potatoes are anti-germination treatment free and were picked only 23 km from the Chalet. The wheat flour for our tasty pancakes also comes from the same farm.

Finally, finish your meal with the tasty fresh and sweet note of blueberries from Ferme du Trimoulet de Boussac.

Long live the short circuit!

Our Philosophy

You are welcome as you are! As a couple, as a family with babies, young children or teenagers, with friends or colleagues, for two or in large tables, we are delighted to welcome you in our bar restaurant and in our leisure park. The area is also suitable for people with reduced mobility (PRM) and people with mental disabilities.

Our meals are authentic, tasty, served in generous portions and composed almost exclusively of local products. We even grow fresh herbs in the Chalet’s garden!

Couldn’t finish your meal? No problem: go home with a doggy bag to enjoy it later.

Finally, dogs are the Chalet’s best friends. Do not hesitate to bring your four-legged companion: a bowl of water will be served with joy.

salle du restaurant Le Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres dans la Creuse - cuisine traditionnelle française

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See you soon at the Chalet des Pierres Jaumâtres!